Congregationalism is a religious ideal based upon freedom of interpretation.  This freedom pertains not only to scriptural understanding, but also to the divine revelation that an individual receives through the power of the Holy Spirit.  This freedom also extends into our Church government.  The local Church is a sovereign body. 

Each Church does have the opportunity to associate freely with other Churches of the Congregational denomination for the purposes of wider fellowship and understanding.  There is no hierarchy that can dictate a course of action to any Church body.  Jesus bade men, follow me.  The First Congregational Church of Fall River asks of its members only what our Lord asks.  Therefore, it welcomes into its fellowship all who sincerely and joyously purpose to follow Him, to study His words, to seek His Spirit, to do His work, to share His faith, and to help others do the same.  Our emphasis is upon Christian character and service rather than upon dogma or creeds.  We are fellow workers, not identical thinkers.


It is the mission of the First Congregational Church to be a worshipping community of faithful, participating Christians, who respect the natural environment; to reach out to all people, inviting them to engage with the Bible; to unite with us through the power of the Gospel; and to share, one and all, in the work of this church in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.