christian wedding

The people of the Congregation extend to you our welcome as you make plans for your wedding. We are honored that you are considering our sanctuary as the location of this most solemn and joyous event. Our church’s facilities are available to you whether you are a life-long member or new to this community. 

Christian marriage is a covenant between two people and a covenant between the couple and God. This covenant is one based on love and can only be made by the free and willing consent of each member of the couple. This covenant is also one of responsibility, in which life-long commitment and faithfulness is publicly promised.

In the Congregational tradition, weddings are considered services of worship. They are, therefore, to be both solemn and joyful in character, communicating the seriousness of the commitments being made, but also expressing the great gladness of those entering into the marriage covenant.

The Minister who officiates at the ceremony acts as a representative of the Church and asks God’s blessing upon the union being formed. The congregation and the couple’s families are given the opportunity to express their affirmation of the marriage and their support and thanksgiving for the new family being created.